Trash Pickup & Recycling Information

It is our pleasure for Republic Services to have the opportunity to provide your refuse handling and recycling services. In an effort to best serve your needs, please refer to the following important information. Question or complaints please call 800-828-2253.


Should you have any questions, Republic Services is available to you Monday – Friday 7:00am – 5:00pm.

You may reach them at 800-828-2253.

Trash Pickup Schedules - Trash Pickup Rules - Recycling Guidelines

Trash & Recycling Collection Schedule
Download the 2024 Trash and Recycling schedule here.


Republic Services observes the following six holidays if they occur on weekdays:

News Year's Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day
If these holidays fall on weekdays, collection will be one day behind schedule for the remainder of the week.

Procedures for Trash and Recycling
Below is a list of basic procedures for trash and recycling. Please see attached for Cart Placement. Please see attached for Acceptable Items for trash and recycling.
  1. On day of service, residents must have trash container out with any item to be picked up. Please place your cart within 4 feet of the roadway.
  2. Please be sure there is at least 3 feet of clearance between your trash cart and recycle cart and any other object, i.e. mailboxes, trees, vehicles, guide wires, etc..
  3. Please do not overload your trash or recycling cart. Loose trash or recycling on top of a cart will always end up on the ground as it falls down the side of the truck while the cart is being emptied.
  4. Place the cart at the curb with the lid opening toward the street and the wheels away from the street. This will prohibit damage to your lid, as well as leave your lid shut after emptying.
  5. If you find you cannot maintain your weekly household flow of refuse within one cart please call our office to order an additional cart for a small fee. Items that are too large to fit in a trash cart (stove, couch, washer, dryer, etc.,) should be placed outside the cart with 3 feet of clearance so the truck can grab the large item.
  6. Yard waste should be placed in cart with trash when possible. NO LEAVES PLEASE!
  7. Republic makes recycling easy. No sorting, just place it loose in the recycle cart. Keep cart 3 feet from Trash cart.
Acceptable Recyclables:

A) All #1 through #7 plastics
B) Glass bottles and jars
C) Empty aluminum, metal, tin and steel cans
D) Newspapers and inserts
E) Magazines, phonebooks, soft cover books
F) Broken down cardboard/cereal boxes, brown paper bags
E) Office and school papers