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Hawthorne Park
Hawthorne Park

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Hawthorne Park ( Approx. 38 Acres)
Address: 500 Ackerman Drive, Porter, IN 46304

Site Facilities/Amenities: Community Building, 1 Picnic Shelter, Millennium Gazebo, Art Barn, Baseball Field (dugouts, bleachers, press box/concession stand), 2 Playground Areas, 9-hole Disc Golf Course, Sand Volleyball Court, Access to local Orchard Pedestrian Trail, Shoreline Access to East Branch of the Little Calumet River, 2 Maintenance Barns, 2 Basketball Courts, Flower Gardens, and Paved Parking Areas (60 spaces)

Narrative Description: Featuring the most amenities of any park, and serving as the host location to almost a dozen community events and programs, Hawthorne Park is the flagship of the Porter Parks Department. The East Branch of the Little Calumet River and its wetland habitat make up its northern boundary. Waverly Road serves as the eastern boundary and Porter Avenue the western boundary. The southern border of the park is made up of a combination of Franklin and Lincoln Streets. The local Orchard Pedestrian Trail (paved), which begins at League Lane along Woodlawn Avenue and ends at the Orchard Apartments complex, traverses through the park. The park is an aesthetic blend of rolling hills, grassy open areas, and hardwood trees. 3,900 sqft. Community Building and outdoor shelter are available for rent.

Indian Springs Park (Approx. 21 Acres)
Address: 600 block of Beam Street - Just west of the I-94 overpass

Site Facilities/Amenities: Manmade Lake (Lake Pratt), Paved Parking Area (19 spaces), 2 Small Picnic Shelters, Small Swing Set

Narrative Description: Indian Springs Park includes a portion of a man-made 6.5 acre lake, Pratt Lake, the edges of which are lined with tall grasses, young willows, and birch trees. The entry drive off of Beam Street leads to a level parking area. The lake, shelters and swing set are located east of the parking area at the base of a steep slope – access is provided by a series of railroad tie stairs. Shoreline fishing is allowed, but swimming and watercraft of any kind are prohibited.

Lake Charles Park (Approx. 12 Acres)
Address: 1300 block of North Washington Street

Site Facilities/Amenities: Manmade Lake (Lake Charles)

Narrative Description: Lake Charles Park is located along the north side of I-94 and south of U.S. 20, where Washington Street becomes Vine Street. The majority of this park is the 6.5 acre Lake Charles, a borrow pit constructed contemporaneously with the adjacent I-94 highway. The terrain is flat and there is little land around the north, west, and east shores of the lake to develop for active use. The southern shore of the lake provides more space for shoreline fishing. Swimming and watercraft of any kind are prohibited.

Porter Cove Park (Approx. 5 Acres)
Address: 1500 block of Essex Drive in the Porter Cove Neighborhood

Site Facilities/Amenities: Playround with Sky Track Feature, Porter Cove Shelter, Basketball Court, Baseball Field, Sand Volleyball Court, Paved Parking Lot (25 spaces), Access to regional Prairie-Duneland Trail

Narrative Description: Porter Cove Park is located at the southwest corner of Porter’s town limits, and primarily serves the Porter Cove Neighborhood. It was previously unusable land donated to the Town by the developers of Porter Cove Subdivision in 1996. A new playground was installed in 2019 that contains a popular Sky-Track Feature. The Prairie-Duneland Trail, which traverses the neighboring municipalities of Chesterton, Portage and Hobart, forms the park's southern boundary.

Dune Meadows Park (Approx. 4 Acres)
Address: 1000 block of Dune Meadows Drive in the Dune Meadows Neighborhood

Site Facilities/Amenities: Tot-lot playground

Narrative Description: Dune Meadows park serves the Dune Meadows subdivision.  It is located at the intersection of Dune Meadow Drive and West Oak Hill Road just north of U.S. Highway 20.  Its topography is flat.  Most of the site is comprised of wetlands and marsh; however, a small grassy area received a tot-lot playground in the Spring of 2008.

Stephens Park (0.2 Acres)
Address: Southwest corner of Hokanson Drive & US 20

Site Facilities/Amenities: None

Narrative Description: This small park, acquired in 2007 through a land donation, is located on the corner of U.S. Highway 20 and Hokanson Street. Due to the size of the property, and the required zoning setbacks required for construction, the intention for this property is solely that of open green space.